Diving in Switzerland

My first full year diving in Switzerland

Wassersportzentrum Tiefenbrunnen

A friend of mine completed her OWD certification and we started diving together in March as the lockdown hit Switzerland. We started our diving adventures at Wassersportzentrum Tiefenbrunnen (alias WZT).

WZT sightseeing

This dive site is very beginner-friendly. The gently sloping bottom allows for sightseeing at less than 18 meters. You can find a sign, a dive bell, lion statues and this garden gnome.

A bit deeper at WZT

At 16 meters there is a small boat wreck, at 18m a slightly larger one and at 24 meters a shisha and this alien await the divers.

Encounters at Broder

Lake Zurich was getting murky and we longed for some clear water and new shores. We found both in Walensee at the dive site Broder. We also encountered this freediver underwater.

Visiting Oscar

Later on, we visited Oscar, the locally-famous skeleton at Kleiner Parkplatz. At 32m next to a wall it is quite a nice sight.

Keeping it clean

As divers, we care about the environment. During the summer we participated in multiple clean-up activities in Lake Zurich and the Limmat river.

Drifting through summer

Towards the end of summer, Susanne and I went for a drift dive in the Rhine river. It was an amazing experience to take the boat to the Rhine falls, get in the river a bit below them and just drift in the current.

Tauchschiff on Lake Lucerne

Before the autumn got ahold of us, we jumped into Lake Lucerne from aboard the Tauchschiff.ch dive boat.

Exploring the walls in Lake Lucerne

The Tauchschiff allowed us to explore some breathtakingly beautiful walls and "fly" through the water.

Escape to Ticino

In the early fall days, we escaped to dive in Ticino.

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Ermitage night dive

During late autumn, we explored the Ermitage dive site in Lake Zurich. It is well-known for the large number of crayfish hanging out here. Let's say we weren't disappointed.

Creepy nativity

Ermitage also offers some kind of bizarre "nativity" scene with a gnome, a princess and a baby doll in a crib.

Rossblatten, Lake Zug

Jan and I hung out at the Rossblatten dive site in Lake Zug, enjoying great visibility and some of the rarer autumn sunlight.

Visiting Bruce

Annette, Jan and I decided to try out Boudry Plage in Lake Neuchatel. Mainly driven by Bruce, the shark statue at 22m meters.

Dental exam for a shark

Bruce is keeping his teeth in great shape. Then again, there is a catfish living in his throat...

Fish everywhere

Despite the big shark nearby, Boudry Plage turned out to be full of fish.

A trip to remember

Annette celebrates the dives we did at Boudry Plage next to the Kaeser statue. We will definitely come again!

Lake Zug

As the days became colder, we explored various sites at Lake Zug, like Baumgaertli. It is often full of fish and a really nice dive, also suitable for night diving.

A wild year

Throughout the year, I did 143 dives in various lakes and rivers in Switzerland. I really enjoy the variety, the life you can find and the comradery with my buddies. Here is to a great 2021 underwater!