Places to Go

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Zürichsee, Terlinden

  • Found on kohmann
  • Wall, garden gnomes, fish, sculptures, …
  • DEEP!

Zürichsee, Ermitage

  • Found on kohmann
  • Stuff to see (dolls, springboard, crabs, tub, …)

Bodensee, Rorschach HB

  • Found on swiss-divers
  • Bunch of wrecks, shark, signs with a fairy tale
  • Easy to dive


Kreidesee Hemmoor (Hamburg / Cuxhaven)

  • Found on YT and
  • Good infrastructure
  • Easyt to dive, good visibility
  • Airplane, sailboat, truck, various buildings from the industrial usage

Murner See (Regensburg / Nürnberg)

  • Found on YT
  • Multiple dive sites, apparently
  • UW parcour with a bunch of toys?

Baggersee Diez (Limburg / FFM)

  • Found on YT
  • Sunk car and good visibility

Sundhäuser See (Nordhausen)

  • Found on YT
  • Dive course
  • Underwater village
  • Various other things to see

Friedberger See (München)

  • Found on YT
  • Sunken boat



  • Found on Blue World
  • Incredible visibility
  • Diving between two continents


Riau Archipel

  • Found in tr 179
  • Islands Batam / Bintan / Pulau Mapor
  • Hotel Cempedak
  • Bunch of wrecks, lots of fish, great visibility


Y-40 The deep joy, Venice

  • Found in a Dan study
  • Deepest indoor pool in Europe (?)

Martin Splitt
Martin Splitt
PADI Instructor