Diving Alte Zollbrücke Rheinau - last dive 2021

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First things first, the dive

Bye bye, 2021!

What a year it has been - I did 232 dives throughout the year, got my PADI Divemaster and had tons of fun, despite the chaos of the Covid19 pandemic. For our last dive, three buddies and me decided to go for a last dive in 2021.

We chose Alte Zollbrücke in Rheinau for this dive. While there are restrictions on the Swiss side of the river, mainly due to complaints from neighbours, such restrictions aren’t in effect on the German side. One of my buddies and I went in Sidemount, primarily to keep practicing our Sidemount skills and as such we did do a few skill exercises.

I took my trusty GoPro Hero7 with me and this is where the footage above came from. The upside of Rheinau is that the river is pretty clear and we got lots of sun on this day, so I did not need a lamp.

The dive site

Starting from the stairs on the German side, we dove upstream, through the brige pillars. Then we turned towards the Swiss side of the river and let the very mild current push us downstream. The river then turns into a canyon landscape underwater where we found the freshly-installed christmas tree, a nativity scene and the rotting remains of the Halloween pumpkins.

Swimming back upstream, we were gliding along the canyon wall on the German side, ended with our safety stop and went back to the exit.

Martin Splitt
Martin Splitt
PADI Instructor